Valentines Day Quotes For Your Gf/Bf

valentine day quotes
valentine day quotes

We know that you know when and why Valentine’s Day is celebrated, and we also know that you want to impress your partner with the help of Valentines Day Quotes and want them to feel special.

So without wasting your time in explanation, here are the best valentines day quotes for your gf/bf. Choose your favorite one and send it to your partner.

Valentines Day Quotes For Your Love

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you, when I met you, I was afraid to love you, and now that I love you, I’m afraid of losing you

It all started with a look and a smile, then came a “I like you”, followed by a “I love you”, until you reach a “I love you” and a “I can not live without you”

Choosing us was our best option

I never imagined that after so much time of meeting you, I realized that I’ve always loved you

You can feel proud or important if you wish, because this heart in here is more yours than mine.

I dreamed that the sun was melting and the snow was burning, and by dreaming impossible, I dreamed that you loved me

When I am with you I feel that the impossible becomes possible, when you leave everything becomes difficult

Maybe it’s not your first love, but if the best of your stories

You are the light in my darkness

Your hugs cure me and no doctor prescribes them

There will be many ways to be happy, but the one I prefer is to be with you.

If seeing you gives me death, and not seeing you gives me life, I’d rather die and see you than not see you and have life

You are the smile that appears for no reason when I remember you

I would like to be always with you despite the fights, the cries, my laughter, anger, kisses, jealousy and tantrums, but always together

Anyone can make me happy by doing something special, but only someone special can make me happy without doing anything … as you do

Valentine Day Quotes For Your Love Of Life

You’re the answer I was hoping for, a question I was asking a long time ago

I have lived long enough to know that there are two women in the world: the one who brought me into the world and the one who became my world

Nobody chooses the love of his life. Nobody chooses the moment, nor the place, nor the age, nor the person … but I chose you. keep it in mind

How nice it would be to wake up in the middle of the night and find you here by my side

I want three things; to see you, hold you and kiss you

Love is not how they paint it, nor how they sing it, nor how they write it. Love is like what I feel for you

Every time you dream, I’ll be dreaming

The spaces between my fingers were made to hold your hand

I love when you do what I expect without being asked, I love how you can guess my wishes

For you I sigh, for you I die, because your life is mine, you are what I want the most

How do you want me to forget you, if when I start to forget you I forget about forgetting and I start to remember you

I just want you to sleep with you every night and see you wake up every morning for the rest of our lives.

When I stroked you, I realized that I had lived my whole life empty-handed

If I had to give something, I would give you a mirror, because after you, the most beautiful thing is your reflection

You’ve stolen my heart, there’s no turning back

Valentines Day Quotes For 2019

Of all the places where I’ve been, the best by your side

If you need me, call me. It does not matter if I am sleeping, if I am studying, or if we have discussed. I will be there, always for you

It’s not about how I feel about you; is what I do not feel for anyone but you

Looking at the sky I made a wish, that you love me as I love you

I knew you with the name “FRIENDSHIP”, but over time I realized that your real name is “LOVE”

Distance can prevent us from holding hands, but never from smiling as we remember.

And suddenly you came to my life, making me forget yesterday and making me dream of a tomorrow …

Even the roses when they see you pass, feel envious of you!

How can I prove, that you are the one I have to love, and how to make you understand that you are the only one I can love?

For me, the perfect definition of love is you

You are that special person that makes my day happy with just a smile.

In good times and bad, but always with you

You are the refrain of my favorite song

It only takes me three seconds to say “I LOVE YOU”, three hours to explain it and all my life to prove it … Please let me prove it!

I would stop being crazy, I would stop being strange, I would stop being anything, if you asked me … to be yours

I love you for your infinite patience, for the time you give me and for all that you support me. I love you because you love me

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I would like to be in your plans, in your dreams, in your thoughts, but mainly in your heart

When they ask me what is the best thing that has happened to me, I only think of you and smile …

Thank you babe for being my love of life

Our love is wonderful gift that comes from god.

It is very nice to love you and even love you more.

If your life is depends on my love, you will exist beyond life, because my love is infinite.

You create magic in my mind and in my heart without any trick.

You are the book of my life.

If you didn’t exist, I would invent you.

I need vitamin you to live.

My love, I am in hurry to grow old with you.

When we are together, we are complete.

Valentines Day Quotes For Your Gf/Bf

I make you, you make me and we make love.

You are the sweetest thing in the world I ever lick, my hotty..

Hey girl, its not about body. Its all about pleasure of soul.

Don’t wait, just pick your favorite valentines day quotes and send to your love.

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