[Best] 33 Short Status For WhatsApp And Fb 2019

short status for whatsapp
short status for whatsapp

Having a great WhatsApp status is the best way to impress your friends and colleagues. Here you will find short and one line WhatsApp status and quotes.

Short Status For WhatsApp

1. Hugs are the human expression of the soul.

2. My life is much prettier since you are in it.

3. Your dream will never fade if you do not let it go.

4. Love is beautiful, especially if it is reciprocated.

5. The best mirror is an old friend.

6. Happy people also have problems; the difference is that they know how to deal with them.

7. Your most difficult experience is your best teacher.

8. Your freedom ends where the others’ begins.

9. There is no better remedy for sadness than love and a smile.

10. How much joy when someone does something for you without asking.

11. Become that person that you would like to be.

12. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

13. The most important things that will happen through your life are not material, but love, friendships, family, kisses, hugs …

14. There is still something worse than a broken heart … never having fallen in love.

15. Dying with a smile is a sign that you have lived happily.

16. To earn the trust of a person, you must first prove that you also trust them.

17. The best friends motivate you until you have stopped believing in your possibilities.

18. Focus on enjoying and living every moment, because the most beautiful moments are those that are not planned.

19. Suffering makes eternal hours, while pleasure makes them fly.

20. I do not want you behind or in front, but at my side.

21. Do not ask me what I saw in you. The only thing I can answer is that I have not found it in anyone else.

22. To truly experience life, you must stand on top of life.

23. Weakness is the biggest enemy of person.

Quotes And Short Status For WhatsApp

24. Be optimistic, be positive, smile more.

25. True love is not really a thing, it’s just a feeling.

26. Don’t live for others, because others will never live for you.

27. Success = Hard work + Correct Method + Less Talk.

28. People need to be happy, just like they need clothes.

29. Ambition and love are the wings of great behavior.

30. Don’t complain about anything, no one going to take you seriously.

31. I am trapped in your world and I am not willing to escape.

32. Forget your past to enter in your future.

33. I still love you, I am alone in my memories.

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