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love status

Hey lovers, we know that having a love of life is the greatest feeling in the world and expressing your love to your partner makes your bond with them more stronger. So here we have a large and unique collection of love status for you, that you can use to express your feelings.

Love Status For Your Love

1. You met me by destiny.

2. How difficult it is to be in love with a person who does not yet know you exist.

3. Anyone who wants to learn to love will die in the attempt

b When you look at the stars I would like to be the sky to look at you with its thousands of eyes.

5. I feel you are my other half.

6. You illuminate my days, my hopes, my illusions …

7. If I had known that love was this, I would have looked for you many years ago.

8. True love is the path together in the light of a shared idea

9. I am living for you and will live forever only for you.

10. Beware fears, they love to steal dreams

11. The person who brings you happiness is the one who can bring you pain.

12. I stole you from luck.

13. Tell me you love me and I assure you that I will never get away from you again.

14. My love is not temporary, I will love you even after the doom.

15. You are my home, so wherever you go, I will always be by your side.

16. If you are not afraid of losing, it is not love.

17. You are my best medicine, since I met you I sleep peacefully every night dreaming about you.

18. We live with the certainty that our love is unrepeatable

19. I never thought that I could find myself so comfortable with a woman so different from me.

20. The love I feel for you makes you a necessity.

21. You are the place I would like to visit every day and every night.

22. Hello! What do you do? I miss you.

Love Status 2019

23. Today more than yesterday but less than tomorrow … every day I love you more!

24. Use your life to stick on your promise. “This is Love”

25. It’s funny, since I know you, my watches no longer mark the time, they mark the minutes that I need to return to be by your side.

26. I love your faults, I adore your virtues, probably because they are unique.

27. The next time they will tell me that perfection does not exist I will send them a picture of yours to prove them wrong.

28. I feel that, while we are together, every moment of our life will be as happy as this one.

29. The distance is only forgetfulness if the two people stop trying enough.

30. Love demands everything from you, and you have every right to do it!

31. I would like to be able to keep all your love in a safe so nobody can ever steal them from me.

32. For men, love is only part of life. For women, love is life.

33. The stars and the moon can not compare their beauty to yours.

34. If in the court of life I were the judge, and you my defendant, I would condemn you to love me all my life.

35. I don’t like happy endings, simply because with you I don’t want there to be any end.

36. Love is not a strong pledge, but a mediocre companionship.

37. The sun is the life of the earth, the love is the salt of humanity, and you, my dear, are my whole life.

38. I still think I’m the luckiest man in the world because I’ve never seen anyone as happy as me.

39. Equal love is the strongest bond.

Love Status In English

40. Love is the best you can find in life.

41. Forget the cheap poetry, I just want to thank you for all the good times we have spent together.

42. I want to thank you for coming to my life and making me so happy.

43. We all go a little crazy sometimes, especially when we fall in love with someone.

44. Happiness is a difficult gift that only you have been able to give me.

45. Every day I miss you more, I don’t know what I can do to be with you.

46. A drop of your perfume is enough to fill my heart.

47. You are the solution to all my problems.

48. The flowers are full of love!

49. Not in a million years would I be able to describe to you how much you mean to me.

50. If there were only one person in the world like you, all my thoughts would be a lie.

51. Making you happy has always been my greatest goal.

52. Eternal: it is said of the love I feel for you.

53. What makes love addictive is knowing that it will last forever.

54. Without you life is not life, it is only bitterness and despair.

55. I think of your eyes as I close mine and see a beautiful sunrise.

56. You are my love, the best thing that has ever happened to me.

57. My heart only feels desire for you.

58. Love is hard to find, but now I understand that it’s worth it.

59. I would find myself lost in a sea of uncertainty if I spent a single day without you.

60. There are a lot of small reasons why big things happen in our lives.

True Love Status For WhatsApp

61. You have entered my life like a ray of sun after intense rain, you have managed to warm my icy heart.

62. Since you entered my life you have transformed it from head to toe, now it seems to me that I am dreaming with my eyes open.

63. I don’t want anything in this world because you are my world.

64. Love is incredible, it appears when you least expect it, even if you have spent your whole life looking for it.

65. Sometimes I wonder if it will be magic, but then I always come to the conclusion that it is your love that makes my heart beat a thousand beats.

66. If you like me you just have to tell me since I’m looking forward to being with you.

67. My feelings towards you are as true as the starry sky ruled by the moon.

68. I am happy to have a person who understands me and wants to be with me.

69. If my feelings took corporeal form, they would be the most precious angel that ever existed.

70. You are like the moon, that when you are not, I lose myself in nothingness.

71. You illuminate my path with your blinding smile … I owe you everything I am. I love you

72. Being with you is today like the first day. I love you my princess!

73. I should tell you that I love you at every moment, even if I remained hoarse.

74. I believe that love is the best thing that can happen to one.

75. For you I would do anything because you drive me crazy.

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