Heart Touching Quotes About Love For Your Gf/Bf

heart touching quotes
heart touching quotes

If you really love someone, then it is very necessary that you tell your Feeling to them because it makes them feel special. if you really want to make your love feel special then here we have a great collection of heart touching quotes for you.

These heart touching quotes will really do a magic and will make your partner more happy.

Best Heart Touching Quotes For Your Love

1. Love is like you; short but intense.

2. I would stay to live in your smile.

3. I never thought about falling in love, but you came and ruined it.

4. You are my most beautiful chance.

5. Travel to the Moon or the corner store, but with you.

6. If they gave me a choice, I would stay with you to live.

7. Your smile is my relief from a bad day.

8. There is no better melody than your smile.

9. I will never let you fall. I will always be with you.

10. If I had to get lost somewhere, I would do it in your eyes.

11. Your kisses are my greatest reward after a long day.

12. There is no place more magical than the one in which you sleep with me.

13. Before I become famous I prefer a kiss from your mouth.

14. You are the reason the world gives me to wake up every day.

15. If I could make a wish, I would ask to love you all my life.

16. My heart already has an owner. It’s you.

17. Every second that passes I love you a little more.

18. Not Romeo and Juliet’s love can compare with ours.

19. If I were a scriptwriter, you would be the protagonist of all my scripts.

20. You are what gives meaning to my life. Never leave

21. I did not know what love was until I found you. Now I can affirm that I am in love.

22. The only thing I want in this life is to gain a place in your heart.

23. I learned to love you not because you are perfect, but because I managed to love each and every one of your imperfections.

Heart Touching Quotes For Your Gf/Bf

24. You will always remain in my memory.

25. I could choose the most beautiful person in the world, but I prefer to choose you who make my world more beautiful.

26. Of all the people I’ve met, none have left a mark on me. I met you and you left an immense one.

27. I do not remember anything about the day I met you, except that kiss I gave you.

28. It’s not your smile that drives me crazy, but the fact that you smile for me.

29. I did not look for you because I lacked something. I found you to share everything that was left over.

30. I want to have our crazy, passionate and adventurous love for the rest of my days.

31. Forgive me for loving you so much in such a short time, but you are what I searched for all my life.

32. I can not promise you eternal happiness, but I can offer you joy, tenderness, and love during all the days of my life.

33. You appeared at the most opportune moment. Baby, you gave me hope, peace, and love again. You changed my life completely.

34. If I were to choose a single name for the rest of my life, undoubtedly it would be yours.

35. I love you. I do not know why or when it happened. Just know that you are the engine of my life and the person that makes me smile.

36. My world was born on the day when you and I, finally, put our lips together.

37. The school teaches you a hundred lessons, but it does not teach you how to love and be loved.

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38. If someone does not love you as you want, do not worry, that does not mean that he does not love you with all his will.

39. My life would not be life if you were not in it.

40. Life does not become easier after a bad love. You become stronger.

41. If you come at 5, I will be happy from 3.

42. The boy who fights for true love wants the girl in his life, not in his bed.

43. Have you seen that you were the love of my life? I’ll tell you when we’re old.

44. Love is what it is worth fighting for.

45. Even if I have a thousand reasons to renounce you, only one will be enough to continue by your side.

46. I will fight for your love until my last breath.

47. You are my tempest and my peace. If you are with me, everything calms down.

48. Being together with you is the only thing that makes me happy.

49. Living without you is like being immersed in the deepest darkness. You are the light that illuminates my world.

50. If I were given a rose for each time I think of you, I would have a huge garden.

51. True love can never have a happy ending. And that’s because true love can never have an end.

52. Your voice is like a beautiful melody to my ears. I could never stop listening to you.

53. I promise to love you now and always. In all your versions and in all your stages. I could not live without you.

54. Loving is not having to say I’m sorry. To love is to know that the other person will love all your faults.

Love is a word too poor to say all that I feel for you.

55. Do you know what I would like? Spend all eternity with you.

56. You may not have been the first love of my life, but I’m sure I want you to be the last.

57. I do not know what our destiny will be but what I do know is that I want to go with you.

58. True love is you. I do not need to look elsewhere.

59. You make me the luckiest man in the world. With you, I can be myself.

60. Since I am with you my friends tell me that I look like another. You make my life more beautiful

61. You are the best thing that can happen to a man like me.

62. The rest of the world means nothing to me if you decide to be with me.

63. I thought I was crazy, but I discovered that, in reality, I’m in love.

64. Do you remember that precise moment when I met you? I do, and I do it every day.

65. Being with you is the only thing that makes me feel alive.

66. I feel so lucky to have you by my side that I only give thanks to life for it.

67. I already know what it feels like to get to heaven. I know since the day I met you.

Heart Touching Quotes About Love For Your Gf/Bf

68. I believed that perfection did not exist, but I was wrong. You’re the perfection.

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