19 Amazing Facts About Animals That Will Blow Your Mind

amazing facts about animals
amazing facts about animals

There are many creatures in the world. We will tell you interesting facts about some of those creatures that will make you enthralled. These amazing facts about animals will really blow your mind.

1. Cow

  • Cows get excited when they solve problems. The heartbeat accelerates when they find the food that was hidden. They also become happy when they are released after being confined for a long time.
  • Cows have an excellent memory and can learn their name and respond to it.
  • Cows like to sleep near their relatives. The way they accommodate themselves to sleep reflects their position in the social hierarchy.
  • In the same way as humans, cows build friendly relationships. They prefer to spend time with a small group of preferred partners.

2. Turkey

  • Turkeys enjoy listening to music and sometimes yaw while doing it. The next time you want to sing with someone, think of your feathered friends!

3. Chickens

  • Chickens can recognize up to 100 faces, not only of their chicken friends but also of humans.
  • Chickens are empathetic with their partners in danger and use their previous experiences to make decisions.
  • Chickens use more than 200 sounds to communicate.
  • Chickens transmit their knowledge from one generation to another.
  • Chickens begin communication with their chicks before they break the shell. The mother hen cares for them gently and they answer by chirping.

4. Sheep

  • Sheep move their tails to show affection.

5. Fish

  • The cognitive abilities of the fish are impressive. They learn faster than dogs!
  • Fish spy on their peers for information.

6. Pig

  • Pigs have a very sophisticated sense of direction. You can find your way back home from enormous distances.
  • The sows moms sing to their babies while they nurse them and the newborn piglets recognize their own name and run at the call of their mother.
  • Pigs rank fifth among the smartest animals in the world – even smarter than dogs – and are able to play video games with greater attention and success than chimpanzees.
  • The pigs have an excellent memory about the places where they find objects. If they see something in one place, next time they will remember that they should look right there.
  • Pigs enjoy snuggling and prefer to sleep nose to nose.

7. Lobsters And Crabs

  • Crustaceans, such as lobsters and crabs, are able to remember painful stimuli and avoid certain situations from past negative experiences. They also form social hierarchies with people close to them.

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