15 Most Interesting Facts About Dreams

interesting facts about dreams
interesting facts about dreams

Dreams have always been a mystery to mankind. No one can tell anything right about dreams, it is always an unsolved puzzle. But still, man is always eager to know various interesting facts about dreams.

According to a number of scientific researches about dreams, some interesting facts about dreams are explained below. I am sure that after reading these facts you will be amazed.

Interesting Facts About Dreams

Human beings sleep approximately one-third of their lives so it is normal that during this important stage of our existence occur curious situations both physically and mentally.

Here are the facts about dreams that will amaze you:

1. Everyone dreams

No matter what one remembers, everyone dreams. Unless you have a psychological disorder. Marijuana can also inhibit the ability to dream.

2. Not everyone dreams of colors

Some sleep studies have shown that twelve percent of the population dreamed in black and white, but those numbers have been reduced to four percent. The change began to take place in the late 1960s with the popularity of color television. One explanation could be that nobody sees black and white television anymore.

3. Full-body spasms

Normally when we suffer these spasms we realize even being half-asleep, but if you sleep with a person who suffers them surely you will have taken more than one scare. According to studies on this subject, up to 70% of people usually “suffer”. Stress, caffeine or anxiety are potentiators of this effect, although it is also normal for people who are completely healthy to experience it.

4. Sexual excitement

Surely you knew that men usually “suffer” nocturnal and morning erections. What many people do not know is that this usually happens between three and five times throughout the night. Women are also not left behind and is that at night the human body secretes hormones that excite both sexes equally. It is quite common for a woman to wake up excited at night and may even have physical orgasms while she sleeps. To dream!

5. We produce more gases

And we can not control them either. What happens is that our body being in a state of muscle relaxation can get to release gases without our consent. If you want to avoid them: Take a light dinner at least three hours before going to sleep, avoiding especially eating vegetables.

4. Your eyes move without stopping

During the REM sleep phase acronyms of rapid eyes movement, our eyes move from side to side without stopping, as if in front of us were happening fast scenes to which we do not want to lose attention. The REM sleep phase is a phase of light sleep, our body is not deeply asleep so if we wake up at that moment we are fresh, rested and alert.

5. Your muscles are paralyzed

Our body is intelligent and “blocks” our muscles while we sleep to prevent us from moving at the rate of what we are dreaming of. If we dreamed that we are running and our muscles could act at will, imagine the consequences. It’s not perfect anyway. Sometimes it gets confused and continues to block the muscles even when we are half awake, that is when terrifying episodes such as sleep paralysis can happen or as some people say to feel that “the dead rises”.

6. You are taller

At night our spine is “decontracted” and when the discs between each vertebra are “hydrated” they increase slightly in size and make us a few centimeters taller while we sleep.

7. You can have up to 7 or more dreams per night

Depending on the number of hours of sleep you usually have, you can get up to seven or more dreams per night, but you only remember the last one you had before waking up.

8. You have recurring dreams

Having recurring dreams is quite common although there are people who are more predisposed to have them. Scientists are not clear about the function of recurring dreams and there are still several theories about it. Some say that many times in dreams are projected threats that could be real and even that have been and that persist in our heads so that we learn to face them. There are others that consider explanations of a spiritual nature or even a vision of the future. There are not many studies that endorse this meaning, but it is true that throughout history there have been coincidences of dreams with quite surprising real events.

9. Sleeping slings

Although sleep is a low-performance activity makes us lose weight. Of course, our body consumes energy even when sleeping as it has to maintain active vital functions. On the other hand “sleeping badly” may have just the opposite effect because of ghrelin, a hormone that we generate when we sleep little and makes us have more appetite.

10. Blind people also dream

Many people think that since blind people can not see, then they do not have dreams. That’s not true. Those who have been blind since birth, do not dream in images, but with their other senses. Those who were blind during their life, dream in images.

11. Animals also dream

If you have ever heard your dog growl or bark while sleeping, or your cat meowing, it is that they are dreaming. You can also see them moving their legs as if they wanted to run because maybe they saw something fun to pursue or because they also have to run away.

12. Men and women dream differently

While women’s dreams contain the same number of men and women, men appear in 70% of men’s dreams. The dreams of men are also more aggressive.

13. You forget 90% of your dreams

Put a notebook and a pen next to the bed, since within the first five minutes of vigil you will forget half of your sleep. If after you get out of bed to prepare a coffee, be assured that within those 10 minutes 90% of your dreams have been forgotten.

14. We only see faces in dreams of those we have seen in real life

Contrary to popular belief, in our dreams, we only see the faces we have seen before. Our conscious mind can not even remember those faces, or even have recorded them in passing, but you’ve surely seen those people before.

15. Negative emotions are more common in dreams than positive emotions

Most people experience anxiety in dreams because this is a time when you are rectifying mistakes or finding the solution to problems. There are more negative emotions in dreams when you go through a drama in real life.

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